PUMPKINS & GOURDES (Fall Season – September/October)

We have selected an interesting assortment of heirloom varieties, sizes, colors and shapes of pumpkins specially cultivated and designed to provide a wide choice for our customers' holiday displays and baking. We continue to explore new varieties and dimensions each season.


charisma pumpkinCharisma (Medium Size - average 16-22 pounds)

A medium sized Jack-O-Lantern, blocky, round with tough green handles. It resist powdery mildews. Great shape and deep orange color.

Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds.

expert pumpkinExpert (Large Size - average 22-30 pounds)

A larger sized Jack-O-Lantern, round, broad shaped deep orange skin with big, dark green handles. A nice carving pumpkin.

Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds.

Specialty Pumpkins & Gourdes

moonshine pumpkinMoonshine (Small Size - average 8-12 pounds)

A small, very uniform, white, round and smooth skin pumpkin with long green handles. It will stand out in the moonshine.

Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds.

kakai pumpkinKakai (Small Size - average 5-8 pounds)

A smaller, green, black and orange smooth skin pumpkin. Hulless seeds are delicious when roasted.

Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds.

rouge vif detampes pumpkinRouge Vif D'Etampes (Small-Medium Size - average 10-15 pounds)

A full shape, smooth, scarlet red pumpkin. It's wide and flat shape makes it look like a cheese wheel. Also known as a Cinderella pumpkin.

Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds.

marina di chioggia pumpkinMarina Di Chioggia (Small Size - average 6-12 pounds)

A smaller, blistery, bubbled, slate blue-green rind with short brown handle. Especially good for making gnocchi and ravioli.

Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds.


We have a chosen to design a classic selection of holiday wreaths, swags and garland to fit most of our customers needs and desires. We can also customize our varieties with advance notice and specifications. Please allow at least two days advance notice for custom items and at least three days for larger orders greater than ten pieces. We ship items by box to our customers in addition to pick-up at our farm. Visit our holiday page