Upon request and special orders, we can fill a limited order of logs including a variety of hardwood and softwoods for use as lumber, building materials and furniture. We can arrange for delivery of this wood to local mills for custom lumber cutting to serve your particular needs. We encourage you to order well in advance of your needs to allow proper selection of wood material, curing and custom cutting to meet your schedule.


firewood 1Our firewood is a mix of hard woods including oak, maple, cherry, hickory, cedar and ash. We cut firewood throughout the seasons to have sufficient seasoned firewood available to serve our growing customer base. We are building a large firewood shed that will store up to 50 cords of wood to keep our inventory sheltered, dry and speed up seasoning.

We prefer if you place your orders early in the season so we can better predict our inventory, your volume and needs. However, we do our best to fill new orders and customers, but some times require a few days to a week to serve new customers. This happens especially during winter months when demands increase and conditions make it difficult to get to our wood lots.

We some times order logs to supplement our own inventory to keep up with customer demands. Most of our firewood is cut to 12-16" lengths but we can cut longer size chunks for outdoor wood furnace customers if you specify and order in advance.

We offer a wide variety of firewood products to serve traditional wood stove customers and outdoor wood furnace customers, who usually prefer un-split, chunks rather than split wood. All wood prices are listed by the cord and if picked up at our farm. We do sell smaller quantities such as half cords and face cords.

We also provide delivery and charge based on the mileage from our farm to your location. Call us for an estimate for delivery charges. We can deliver up to two cords per trip with our dumper trailer, but require sufficiently wide and cleared, roads and driveways, safe access and good turn around if we can not back to the site for delivery.


Seasoned, Split & Dry: $250 per cord
Semi-Seasoned, Spilt, & Dry: $225 per cord
Green, Split, Dry: $200 per cord
Seasoned, Chunks: $200 per cord
Semi-Seasoned, Chunks: $175 per cord
Green, Chunks: $150 per cord
Green, Logs: $135 per cord

These prices and types available are subject to seasonal change so please call, check our website, or local advertisement regularly to ensure you have been quoted the correct price. Also delivery charges vary depending on the mileage and the price of diesel.