Trees Growing at Henry Hill Farm SHRUBS & TREES

We offer a variety of evergreen  trees that range in age, height and quantity. We have selected many well-known and unique varieties of evergreen shrubs and trees based on their suitability to grow in our climate zone, soils and customer demand. We sell on a retail basis only  determined by quantities sold and customer relations. We have selected varieties of evergreen trees that are disease resistant and tolerant to our locality. We offer live fresh-cut Christmas trees in season. We allow customers to select and cut your own trees. We sell Christmas trees and wreaths on a retail basis only. We recommend visiting our farm to tag your trees if you desire a particular type, shape or size. Tagging for Christmas trees begins for retail customers the day after Thanksgiving.


We are in the process of growing and expanding our seasonal crops. Each year we plant different varieties and more of each crop already in production and planted in previous seasons to build up our inventory. We have purposely selected a variety of types to provide crop harvesting at different months throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons. When possible we will list the month that each type will be ready for harvest. Please check our website or call to check availability of each product before coming to the farm or attempting to select on-line. If a crop is presently unavailable it will be followed by the symbol N/A or the future expected date that the product is expected to be ready for harvest. Check back later to determine when our product is scheduled to be available.


We have many types of wood products to serve your needs, whether you principally heat with a wood stove, fire place or outdoor wood furnace. We cut trees and logs from the farm almost every season of the year as we open up new fields for growing landscape shrubs and trees. We have over 50 acres of wood lots and overgrown fields that are currently being cleared. They yield a variety of lumber and wood stock that we use for our operations including making firewood and building lumber. Our hard woods include oak, maple, cherry, hickory, cedar and ash. Our soft woods include hemlock, pine, douglas fir and spruce. Some of our old grown hardwoods come from trees over 200 years old.