Hiking Trails at Henry Hill FarmWe have developed an extensive trail network which supports great hiking, mountain biking, hunting and cross country skiing depending on the season and weather. Henry Hill Farm has very interesting and unique terrain and property which includes rolling hills, streams, open fields, a small pond and large reservoir above the farm that has created a unique ravine. The ravine bisects the farm was created in part by over flow into an intermittent and seasonal creek system. The ravine has steep gullies, streams, and dense, old growth forests and supports an interesting flora and fauna. The ravine can be viewed from the trail network on foot or by vehicles.

The trail network is shown on maps available on the farm but open only to guests of the farm events and not the general public. It offers a variety of hikes, biking and skiing opportunities based on degrees of difficulty from gentle novice to expert trails. There are also excellent vistas that offer panoramic views of the surrounding county and wonderful natural scenic countryside.

We are hoping some day to expand the trail network to adjacent properties to open up the terrain but are still working on cooperative agreements with neighbors. We do not allow motorized vehicles on the trails except for our own equipment used to maintain the trail system and fields. We do not allow hunting to the general public.