A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 and execution of a written contract is required to reserve your date and will not be reimbursed if you choose to cancel your event within 9 months of the event date. If the event is scheduled within six (6) months, a 50% deposit is required with 25% nonrefundable. This payment will apply to the overall rate. Payment of the final balance is due within ninety (90) days prior to event. No refunds if the event is cancelled within nine (9) months before the event.

Damage Deposit:

A $500 Damage Deposit is required with your final payment prior to the event. It is fully refundable after you event unless damage is caused or excess cleaning is required. HHFR will deduct the cost of the cleanup (at $50/hour or actual costs of repairs whichever is greater) and or repairs from the Damage Deposit and will provide an itemized list of costs with the balance (if any) within fourteen (14) days of the event.

Decorating and Flowers:

The barn and grounds will have white lights on timber rafters and accent lights throughout the grounds. You can add additional floral arrangements and d├ęcor as you wish with approval of HHFR Event Coordinator. Please respect and help up preserve Henry Hill Farm grounds and structures. You may not nail or staple to the new timber-frame pavilion or arbors. Please consult with Event Coordinator prior to nailing or stapling in the barn. If allowed to nail or staple in the barn, you must not only remove the decorations but the nails, tacks, staples, tape, etc. you used to hang the decorations once the event is over. Please provide decoration plan to HHFR Event Coordinator prior to the event to determine materials and tools best to use. For weddings we request, wild birdseed, wheat, lavender florets, flower petals, or bubbles uses to throw in lieu of rice or confetti.


General clean-up, disposing of trash in designated garbage containers, removing decorations, personal belongings, and boxes used to transport items to our facility at the end of your event in the barn, barn yard, gardens,and Wedding Suite. We will dispose of all garbage generated from your event and take down chairs and tables. If needed, HHFR will deduct the cost of excessive cleanup at $50/hour from the Damage Deposit.

Safety and Conduct:

HHFR expects all who participate at or are present at your event to be safe, conduct themselves appropriately and respect each other, the staff and the property. HHFR reserves the right to have unruly guests removed from the premises. Children should be in company of adults especially around the pond and streams for their safety.


Arrange for music and PA system for ceremony and reception with approval by HHFR Event Coordinator. Both live and recorded music is permitted; however, the volume must be maintained at a level deemed acceptable by HHFR. Amplified music must be over by 9:00 p.m. on weekdays and 10:00 p.m. on weekends, however indoor reception and acoustic music can continue until 12:00 p.m. if an additional rental fee is arranged with HHFR.

Set Up:

The wedding party and vendors may have access to facilities and begin setup at 10:00 a.m. the day of the event with coordination with HHFR Event Coordinator. The event can be modified to start earlier or run later if necessary with change of price if it exceeds 8 hours rental time for the event.

Other information

The House and Event/Guest Suites:

The House on HHFR is a private residence and open to HHFR staff only. The Event/Guest Suites on the second floor, decks, certain gardens, fields and paths are available for use during events. The Event/Guest Suites, if rented, are available only for the wedding parties, immediate family and limited guests. General guests or event participants are not allowed to use these areas including the bathrooms. Certain portions of the barn first floor and house are off-limits and marked private. Please respect these restrictions.

The First Floor of the Barn, Bathroom, Kitchen & Lounge Area:

This area is used by HHFR staff, caterers, vendors, and the farm owners. There is a large bathroom and lounge open to the public. The lounge has a large flat screen satellite TV, pool table and recreational area. The catering area, equipment storage and repair area is off limits to the wedding party, event guests and the general public. Please understand that Henry Hill Farm is a working farm and is actively engaged in tree farming and growing of seasonal crops. Equipment, facilities and storage in the First Floor is used for these purposes only.


Smoking is not permitted in the barn, Event/Guest Suites or any buildings on the premises. Guests must smoke in designated smoking areas outside. Any clean up related to smoking on the premises will be deducted from your Damage Deposit.