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The redevelopment and renovations of the farm, house and barn started in 2002. Renovations first started on the farm house which was originally built in circa 1700s, and is now the home of Cheryl Henry Fisher and Fred Fisher who live on the property full time. The farm house renovations included a whole new septic system, roof, exterior siding, windows, insulation and heating system. Other out-buildings formerly used for livestock, and ice house and other farm needs were decaying and demolished.

Starting in 2002, the barn which had fallen into disrepair has been extensively repaired. Extensive structural repairs and renovations were first begun by Amish carpenters including repairs to the roof, sill, many posts and beams, siding and windows. Electric power was restored, a carpentry shop was created, and equipment storage areas refurnished to store new farm equipment and materials. More recent barn renovations include a shipping and receiving area, apartment, office, retail shop, bathrooms, and two exterior decks added to the barn on the creek side for product display and recreation. Heating, lighting and additional utilities were added including running water, bathrooms, fax, cable, telephone and satellite dish have been or will be added to support office, business and living areas in the barn. You can see many of the renovations by viewing the Barn Renovation Slideshow.

The farm lands redevelopment also began in 2001 by first opening up numerous paths and trails around the perimeter and interior of the farm lands and woods. Selective logging yielded much timber and wood stock for sale and to complete barn and farm renovations including posts and beam replacements. Fields were cleared of overgrowth to plant the first trees and shrubs starting in 2003. Bridges and culverts were installed as an extensive network of trails and roadways were created for access to fields, which have created great walking, hiking, mountain biking and cross-country ski trails and vistas from various points on the farm. Irrigation wells were installed with out-buildings in several locations and a network of under-ground, high pressure irrigation systems to support trees and shrubs during dry periods. Seasonal produce including blueberries, raspberries were started in 2009. In 2011 a variety of apple trees were planted to replace older trees and supplement the current orchard. Additional fields are opened each year to supplement and add to the current inventory of shrubs, trees, wood products and seasonal produce sold from the farm. View Field Restoration Slideshow.