sunrise over hay bales
solar panels at henry hill farm

Recently Henry Hill Farm has added two ground-mounted solar arrays installed by Kasselman Solar. They will hopefully generate enough renewable energy to meet the electrical needs of the barn for all operations including weddings, special events and heating. We hope to extend the seasons with these improvements to provide functions year round. We also plan to add small vertical wind turbines or other solar arrays to produce enough electricity to run irrigation and other farm operations. Energy conservation and recycling as many products and materials used in the operations is one of our missions.

We also hope to integrate an internship program with a cooperative educational program with vocational technical and high schools and local colleges for work and study using local students including SUNY Cobleskill and Cornell University's Agricultural Schools. This program will provide experienced labor, income and credits to the students and farm in many areas of operations.

We also hope to increase products and services offered by the farm, expand fields, and ponds to provide better and more diverse produce, wildlife and recreational opportunities.

The overall goal and mission of the farm is to keep it sustainable for future generations.